"In the Loop": Liberal, funny

I have to agree with Mike Potemra over at The Corner: In the Loop‘s nomination for the best adapted screenplay Oscar is as unexpected as it is deserving: This fictionalized

Piracy. Is. Stealing.

Every time I think the pro-piracy, illegally-downloading-music-is-okay crowd can’t top their own silliness I read something like this. From Yglesias: It is, of course, possible that at some point the

Prime Minister Obama

There is a thread I’d like to pick up on in the commentary on President Obama’s civil debate with the House GOP last Friday. You can see it in the

Avatar and the noble savage

Remember that guy who did the 70 minute Phantom Menace review that set the ‘sphere abuzz a month or two ago? Well, he’s back with a (far shorter) review of

In praise of Art Linson

In preparation for a freelance piece I’m rereading What Just Happened, Art Linson’s book on what, exactly, it means to be a “producer.” You know, that credit that you sometimes

Game changed or rules broken?

Game Change, by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, stole the spotlight by informing us that Harry Reid thought of Barack Obama as a “light-skinned”, um, “Negro”. That quote was quite

Poor Mr. Qaddafi

Poor Mr. Qaddafi

Dan Drezner notes that Libya’s weirdo-in-chief is not happy about being deposed as head of the African Union. I just have to ask, what kind of continent chooses Muammar Qaddafi