DNA records vs. fingerprinting

One thing I’ve never been entirely clear on is why we should feel terribly nervous about the government having our DNA samples on record. Now, I’m not saying that, at

Looting is looting

Matt Yglesias: If you’re lucky, of course, your house is undestroyed and it happens to be well-stocked by canned goods and bottled water. But say it’s not. It’s not like

Avatar, ctd

Avatar, ctd

Sometime late Saturday evening, James Cameron’s sci-fi eco-epic Avatar crossed $700 million at the box office. It’s a pretty astounding figure, and it’s worth just briefly looking at some of

The real medal counts

As I’ve written before, the way that the media counts medals is ridiculous. Gold>silver>bronze, but you’d never know that since they just add up the total number of medals and