The Freaky Friday hypothesis

I see that Ross and Megan are revisiting Stephen Walt’s counterfactual history of the Israel-Palestine situation — the one Brose put paid to already. For those who thought such “What

You mean to tell me…

…that Syria’s going to stop doing something it wasn’t doing anyway? Namely: patrolling its border and keeping terrorists from striking American citizens within Iraq? It’s going to continue to allow

Re Richard Dawkins

Apropos Dan’s fine series of posts: …I shall be talking about God a great deal, and this is a word which offends unholy people just as badly as words like

8 years later

8 years later

Ordinarily, this would fall flat on its face, but these guys have accomplished a rare feat: repeating history first as farce, and second as tragedy:

Morning Head-scratcher

Harry Reid, yesterday: We don’t have a lot of leeway on time. One of the individuals in the caucus today talked about a major insurance company — a major insurance

We need answers

We need answers

Damir’s right to bust my chops a bit — I’m sure Hank Paulson has heard the moral hazard argument once or twice in his career — but it seems to

One more Olympics note

How should the “winner” of the medal race be counted? Only by gold medals won, as the ChiComs want, or by total medals, as the USOC appears to want? This

Hands off my bourbon, Euros!

I have one true love when it comes to booze:* bourbon. My Kentucky spirit of choice is Wellers. I love all the varieties therein, but my absolute favorite is Old

Wouldn't it be nice …

James, I think, is both right and kind of naive when he writes this: [W]e badly need to restore Europe and Japan to security independence, and we need to continue