March 23, 2017

AFF Community

AFF Houston’s Noelle Mandell Nationally Recognized

By: AFF Editors

You are shaping a generation through America’s Future Foundation.  AFF Houston chapter leader Noelle Mandell was recognized in Red Alert Politics.  Upon learning of the honor, Noelle explained why she sees great promise in the future:

“[AFF has] an amazing track record of supporting and empowering individuals on the ground to create spaces for like-minded people to come together and network for a purpose, to learn and promote a freer society while fostering lifelong relationships.”

AFF empowers Millennials to advocate the ideas of liberty in their local communities.  Houston is America’s 4th largest city and a hotbed of progressive activism in Texas.  But because of your support, AFF chapters are in America’s largest cities promoting free markets, limited government, and personal responsibility.

Noelle further reports,

“I’m excited to be pioneering a new chapter of a nation-wide organization with an amazing track record for supporting and empowering individuals. I can now make a bigger on-the-ground impact by creating spaces for like-minded individuals to come together and network for a purpose. It’s a great way to promote a freer society while fostering life-long relationships.”

With your help, AFF-Houston has hosted a parade of great speakers including economist Bob Murphy and AFF executive director Roger Custer.  These speakers are equipping Houston’s young leaders with the knowledge and determination to fight government overreach and recruit more of their friends and colleagues to the liberty movement.

Because of your unique investment, AFF continues to grow in strength and numbers and recapture America’s promise.  You are connecting, empowering, and promoting the next generation of liberty-minded leaders like Noelle nationwide.

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