Author: Serge Thomas

Nov 09,2015

Entry-Level Jobs: Valuable Training for Career

Some of the most interesting – and potentially demanding – jobs are those considered “low level.” The hours may be long, the work may be unglamorous, but these jobs are...

Jul 22,2015

Nonprofits: Good Training for a Political Career

In Washington, a great place to begin developing a professional career is to work at a nonprofit. Nonprofits are always looking for volunteers and enthusiastic employees committed to their cause....

Jun 12,2015

Out of the Box Advice: Persistence in Adversity

Persistent (adj). Continuing to do something in spite of difficulty or opposition. Synonyms: #1- tenacious, determined, persevering, resolute, dogged, indefatigable, unflagging, stubborn, obstinate.                      #2-constant, continual, incessant, unceasing, relentless. – Oxford Dictionary...