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May 22, 2020


Learn It, Live It, Love It: The Bigger Life Edition

By: Cindy Cerquitella

A couple of weeks before all of this started, I was on vacation in Mexico. I blissfully strolled through the lush green Parc Rio De Janeiro, ate blue corn quesadillas from mother-daughter shops on the streets, and danced to live bands in outdoor bars. I say all of this not to make you jealous, but to remind ourselves how rich and expansive the world outside is. Travel, connection, exploring things outside your experience are a vital piece of the human experience and lead to a life well-lived. Right now, travel is quite restricted, some states require a 14-day quarantine to visit, and travel to other countries is out of the question. As calls for keeping these limits in place rise, let’s remember how society moves forward; through trade, and cultural exchange, not by remaining insular. Let’s choose the bigger life, and fight to bring it back as soon as possible. 

Learn It:
States haven’t been great about communicating when and how life can begin to reopen. If you are curious about recommendations from small businesses, check out this event May 26th at 1pm on State and Local Recommendations for Reopening the Economy

On May 28th, Students for Liberty will host an event with Institute for Humane Studies’ president, Emily Chamlee Wright on how to play lessons from Hurricane Katrina to the Covid 19 Crisis. Register here.

Live it:
As if a global pandemic and an overreaching governor weren’t enough, the people of Michigan now have a natural disaster to contend with. This week two dams broke, flooding Midland, MI. You can take a look at the damage here. Thousands of Midland residents were forced to evacuate and are now being housed in school gyms and other not exactly socially distant shelters. If you’d like to help the recovery effort, you can donate here.

I choose to live in a city because I love culture at my doorstep. I’ve traded space, and lower rent, for coffee shops, farmers’ markets, museums, and restaurants just a short walk away. I live in a typically vibrant neighborhood, and it’s been heartbreaking to see the toll this season has taken on the many businesses that line my streets. They have recently banded together to advocate for ways to safely rebuild, and I can’t wait to volunteer with them. 

The last time I voted, I spent nearly three hours in a tightly packed church snaking my way through intersecting lines — it was a mess. The DC primary is June 2nd, and while people are strongly encouraged to vote by mail, polling stations will still be open. Typically, these are manned by elderly citizens,  and since we want to keep them out of harm’s way, I’m thinking about volunteering 

What are some ways you are helping your community rebuild? 

Love it:
 With so much uncertainty in the world, now is a vital time to treat friends and family with empathy, and to understand the ranges of emotion all of us are feeling. AFF hosted a great discussion this week about how people view this pandemic, and how to have fruitful conversations about ways to move forward. I encourage you to check it out!

One of my very favorite DC events, The Kingman Island Bluegrass Festival was canceled this year, and this morning, Wolftrap announced they have canceled their summer season.  I can’t help but miss the thrill of attending a live concert. Dave Grohl’s ode to rock shows reminds us what we want to get back to someday soon.