March 26, 2018

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We Need to Talk About Government Solutions

By: Cindy Cerquitella

Aside from President Trump’s latest tweet, what topic dominates the news cycle week after week? If we’re not discussing the potential for nuclear war with North Korea (or is it Russia this week?), we’re talking about the war millennials are waging on every facet of the economy.

From taxi cartels to the wine industry to cable companies, millennials are taking a look at the status quo and saying, “I’m pretty sure there’s a quicker, easier, and prettier way I can enjoy this service.” Companies are rethinking their management style, apartment buildings are adding new amenities at breakneck speed, and entertainment companies are devising ever more immersive experiences to keep us watching TV or visiting theaters.

As a millennial myself, I can’t help but feel pretty darn proud of all this creative destruction. Even if I haven’t developed any innovations myself, I’m embracing the ones created by my peers wholeheartedly. Uber drives me to most meetings, Blue Apron plans my dinner, and as I type this, Alexa provides my soundtrack (Fleet Foxes if you must know).

But even while we’re busy innovating and upending nearly every industry we touch, by and large millennials still prefer government solutions to the world’s problems. A recent poll found that 44% would prefer to live in a socialist country.

For people like you and I, this is as puzzling as it is problematic. When I look at the government landscape, I see mismanagement and debt. I see government offices that poisoned a city’s water supply, highway robbery endorsed by the federal government, terrifying prison population levels, and regulations that keep people from pursuing their art and calling.

For a generation of people so ready to throw off the ways of the old, why do we continue to place our faith in an institution that has perpetuated so much injustice?

That’s just what we’d like to discuss here at America’s Future Foundation. Through this site, we will foster discussion that looks critically at government programs. We will offer alternatives that allow you to live your best life, no new regulations required. We’ll provide insights into how current events and decisions may affect your life, introduce interesting arguments to help you defend your ideas with friends and colleagues, and give advice on how to make economic and professional choices that help advance the cause of freedom. All of this in the pursuit of a vibrant, growing and prosperous society, where the greatest amount of people can achieve their full potential.

Our generation is now the biggest population block in the United States. We’re poised to soon take the reins of our government, communities, companies, and the economy. Now is the time to start preparing for that role.

I’m ready. Are you?