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Most people see the value in learning from someone with more experience. Yet the incentive for becoming a mentor is less clear. It may seem harsh to ask:

Richard Henkle is a development associate at AFF.  His position is temporary until the end of August.  Richard assists with mailings, recording donations, and organizing

Do you ever wonder who put together the event you just attended? Jaci (pronounced “Jackie”) Woltornist is the Director of Programs at America’s Future Foundation.

There are countless pieces of networking advice. In fact the more advice you get, the more difficult it becomes to determine what is useful.  But, don’t let that discourage you.


TraceySharp“AFF chapters in several cities around the country provide an important outlet for liberty-minded young professionals to network and advance their careers. AFF’s programs allow for great networking but also create unique opportunities for leadership and career advancement. I encourage all liberty-minded young professionals to join AFF.”

Tracie Sharp

President, State Policy Network

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