Fellow Republicans, support Obama now!

The situation in Afghanistan is bad and getting worse. Young Americans are losing their lives in a war that may soon lose the support of the American people. Fellow Americans,

Van Jones is a Truther

Truther being the catch all term for people who think that George W. Bush either caused 9/11 to happen or allowed 9/11 to happen in order to start a global

A Mugging on Lake Street

Fantastic piece in the Chicago Magazine about John Conroy (also the author) who was riding his bike when he gets jumped by a gang of youths. After the attack he

Well that was interesting…

As I’ve said a number of times on this blog: You never know what’s going to get people’s dander up. Apparently disciplining other people’s children is one of those things…

Not-a-Republican look at Afghanistan

In so many words, Andrew Exum (aka Abu Muqawama) describes himself as a hesitant, hedging, uncertain and humble supporter of the war in Afghanistan. What mystifies him is why Washington

George Will, anti-war activist

I felt some serious deja vu while reading Robert’s post about the hopelessness of our “endless bloody occupation” of Afghanistan. Just two years ago, the conventional wisdom was that there

Roger Stephens: American Hero

We’ve all been there: a stranger’s baby won’t stop screaming while out in public because the mother or father just can’t be bothered to keep control of their child. (My

Hollow points

Hollow points

Interesting piece in the WaPo on the absurd process it takes to legally obtain a handgun in DC (a process I’m about to get sucked into). I was struck by