Yeah, the Market Has a Solution for That

Yesterday in the Wall Street Journal, there was an article detailing a new trend in friendships. As expected, nationwide increases in unemployment and cutbacks in work hours translate into more

Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty

I have long held the belief that libertarianism is a logical, common sense approach to politics. At a fundamental level, the libertarian philosophy is about maximizing personal choice without threat

Jonas Brother, Reagan Lover

Every time I hear ‘Burnin’ Up,’ I will think of ol’ Gipper. Why? Because it’s the only song I know from the co-Chair of the National Reagan Youth, Nick Jonas.

(Search) Engine of the State

A town official in Long Island is utilizing nerdy weaponry, Google Earth, to find unregistered backyard swimming pools. Leroy Barnes, an employee of the town, cited safety hazards as his

Thieves at Halliburton?

Liz Cheney and Arianna Huffington recently clashed about the propriety of Halliburton’s operations in Iraq. (ICYMI, Cheney’s father was the CEO of Halliburton until he became Vice President of the

A Good Day for Rushbabies

For as long as I can remember, my parents have listened to Rush Limbaugh on a semi-regular basis. This permeated my consciousness with conservative inclinations and rendered me fundamentally incapable

Musings on Mad

My favorite show, Mad Men, had its fourth season premiere on Sunday. I have found that people either love or hate the show, so I have some food for thought

Looking the Part

Jeffrey Tucker, editorial vice president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, is quickly becoming one of my favorite commentators on pop culture. Lately, I’ve read portions of his book, Bourbon

The rewards of public service

Service is its own reward, a but an $800,000 salary isn’t bad either, especially if you’re the city manager for Bell, California. The LA Times reports: A local official in