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April 22, 2021


Celebrate Earth Day – Watch “They Say It Can’t Be Done”

By: Rhachel Toombs

Happy Earth Day! We feel fortunate to live in a day and age where innovation and courageous entrepreneurship solve so many problems. We know when it comes to climate change and being good stewards of Earth, private solutions and active, informed citizens are the best way to combat the growing environmental issues we face. This is a message that everyone who cares about protecting our planet should hear.

The Community Circle program is an offering exclusively for the new AF Membership. These small group discussions bring thoughtful people to the table (or living room) to discuss an issue or topic – usually over dinner or bottle of your drink of choice. This month, we’re happy to give our entire AF community an opportunity to host a circle in honor of Earth Day.

This month’s circle features the new documentary, They Say It Can’t Be Done, which explores how innovation can solve some of the world’s largest problems – including healing the seas and reducing atmospheric carbon.

To get started, simply download this month’s Community Circle guide, invite 2-10 friends, watch the film, and get conversing! The guide includes everything you need, including links to watch the film and discussion questions.

Join us in celebrating Earth Day this weekend and host a Community Circle! Post pictures of your Community Circle gathering on FB or Insta with the hashtag #AFempowers to enter a drawing for one of three $30 Amazon gift cards!

Have Community Circle questions? Here are a few resources worth checking out.

Community Circle Q&A – This will answer all of your questions about what a Community Circle is and why you might have one.

Community Circle Training Recording – This recording is from a Community Circle Training we recently held for members.

AF Community Leaders Discussion Presentation – Former AF-Dallas leader and rockstar discussion facilitator, Meg Tuszynski, offers suggestions for a successful discussion session.

For questions about AF Membership or the Community Circle Program, you can contact Rhachel Toombs at [email protected].

New Community Circle guides are released monthly for AF Members. If you’re interested in continuing these discussions, getting involved in your community, leveling up your professional life, attending exclusive events and workshops and more, join AF’s Membership Program today!


*A special thanks to the Federalist Society for their help in putting this month’s guide together!*
 Photo: They Say It Can’t Be Done