March 31, 2021


Introducing a New Video Series with AF-Detroit Chapter Leader, Brandon Brice!

By: AF Editors

America’s Future has chapters all over the country. We are proud to partner with many inspiring and motivated individuals. Brandon Brice, the chapter leader in Detroit, is starting a monthly video series where he invites a few guests to have an informal discussion on a variety of hot-button topics. The first installment of this series is about criminal justice. It features Anthony Adams, Darryl Woods, and Joseph Haveman.


Anthony Adams, an attorney at Marine-Adams Law PC, previously served as deputy mayor of Detroit under former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, executive assistant to former Mayor Coleman A. Young and president of the Detroit Board of Education. He is a mayoral candidate in the 2021 for the city of Detroit.

Joseph Haveman was a member of the Michigan House of Representatives, representing District 90. Haveman assumed office in 2009 and left office in 2015. He currently serves as the Director of Government Affairs at the Hope Network. The Hope Network advocates for people who suffer from physical, mental, and social barriers that impact their daily lives.

Darryl Wood, a former inmate, was charged with first-degree murder, after shooting a man at a drug house in Detroit. He spent 29 years in prison, where he became a minister, chaired the NAACP prison program and led thousands of youth and prisoners through his RESTART Youth Deterrent Program. He was released in 2019 after Gov. Snyder granted him a pardon.