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June 29, 2020


Jumpstart Your Career in Policy Communications

By: AF Editors

Recent years have seen a major shift in American politics; authoritarian impulses are becoming worryingly more popular on both the right and left. For that reason, it’s more important than ever that those of us who believe that free society is a prosperous society be as well-equipped as possible to help others understand why they should care about and support free-market policies.

Helping to foster talent in young writers has always been a priority for AF. Nearly six years ago, we launched the Writing Fellows Program, which trains young professionals to write persuasively and get their work in front of an audience. While it focuses primarily on op-ed writing for a range of purposes, many of our fellows joined the program in order to sharpen their writing skills to be better advocates on behalf of the pro-liberty policy organizations they work for.

In order to better serve aspiring communications professionals like them, we’re excited to launch the Policy Communications Seminar. Through weekly online classes, seminar participants will hear from professionals in the field on essential skills, including how to:

-Write content for a variety of platforms such as web, social media, and email

-Communicate the human element of complex policy issues through individual storytelling

-Handle communications during a crisis

-Build a career in communications within the policy field

If you’re pursuing a career in communications (or just interested in being a better advocate for liberty), I hope you’ll join us for the Policy Communications Seminar. You can apply here by July 27, and classes will be held online Thursdays from August 13 through September 3.