America's Future Foundation is your platform as a young professional to bolster your skills and help you become more successful. Below are some ways you can build your résumé, receive additional benefits, and become more involved in AFF's mission. 

Part-Time Paid Opportunities

Writing Programs Director

About this opportunity: AFF seeks a part-time writing program director for a pilot program to begin immediately.  This contracted position will require 5-10 hours per week and will be compensated with a regular stipend as well as free admission to all AFF programs and an opportunity for a performance-based bonus.  It is intended to be the primary activity outside of the person's full-time job and is a great opportunity to develop skills and grow with an enterprising organization.


  • Develop and manage writing programs for entry level writers and journalists in Washington, D.C. focused on skill training
  • Identify and mentor leaders for the programs
  • Work with AFF team to market new writing programs
  • Experiment with writing working groups that develop skills, use peer feedback, and get high-quality published results
  • Develop relationships with editors who can publish younger writers and help develop their careers, speak at events, train on skills, etc.
  • Develop measurement system for AFF writing programs

Experience and Skills Required

  • At least 1-2 years work experience in journalism or public policy writing
  • Familiarity with writing style including grammar, op-eds, traditional reporting, blogging, and trends in the industry
  • Outstanding communications skills and ability to work well with younger people including mentoring and teaching
  • Familiarity with libertarian and conservative ideas, organizations, and publications
All interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to

Blog Editor/Manager 

About this opportunity: This opportunity is ideal for a young professional with some writing experience looking to expand his or her publishing and editing experience and management skills. It would also allow this persion to interview high-level leaders in DC and could include a monetary bonus for exceptional work. This position includes a monthly stipend and free entry to AFF events.  


  • Craft the vision and strategy for the Free the Future blog to be the premier professional development blog for young professional liberty-minded readers
  • Produce and manage the blog and its writers, which includes writing your own pieces and marketing the blog
  • Communicate with program the team to potentially align content to upcoming events
  • Organize regular “Profiles in Liberty,” manage columnists, and commission unique original content
  • Create measurement standards and send a monthly report to the supervisor

Experience and Skills Required

  • Attention to detail and the ability to complete tasks on a deadline
  • Excellent communications skills, especially in writing and editing 
  • Experience writing blog pieces and the ability to manage a group of writers on deadline
  • Entrepreneurial drive to take a project to the next level

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Volunteer Opportunity

Online Director 

About this opportunity: This is an opportunity for an entrepreneurial individual looking to grow and sharpen new media skills for an organization. Anyone interested in communications, social media, or marketing would be able to add “created and managed online brand for an organization” to his or her résumé and could be rewarded with monetary bonuses for exceptional work. This volunteer position includes free entry to AFF events.


  • Manage AFF Group on LinkedIn and create a growth strategy with measurement standards
  • Manage and create AFF Instagram and create a growth strategy with measurement standards 
  • Innovate how to share interesting AFF online content through these platforms and ways to reach young professionals beyond our current audience
  • Experiment with platforms such as Vine, Tumblr, and any new ones that emerge

Skills and Requirements:

  • Attention to detail and the ability to complete tasks on a deadline
  • Excellent communications skills, especially familiarity with and experience in new media
  • Demonstrated creativity and entrepreneurial spirit springing from a passion for new projects 

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Add AFF to Your Resume

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Get Involved & Get Rewards

Event Volunteer

About this opportunity: Help our events run smoothly and have a chance to interact with speakers and other young professionals. Individuals who volunteer regularly are offered the chance to receive and free membership for a year; 2) 75% off a Gala or Leadership Dinner ticket. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone starting out in D.C. who wishes to expand his or her network and become more involved with a limited-time commitment. 

Responsibilities include assisting with registration, setup, and take down for events with an eye for customer service.

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AFF regularly hosts interns in Washington, D.C., but only through partner programs as we are able. If interested, please apply to the Koch Internship Program, the Fund for American StudiesStudents for Liberty, or the National Journalism Center.

Speaking Engagements

If you're a young professional quickly becoming an expert in your field and would like an opportunity to speak on one of our panels or at one of our events, please fill out this form to be considered as a potential speaker as needed.

Getting Involved with AFF

The opportunities provided through America’s Future Foundation give me the chance to hone skills and expand my professional network in a way I can’t during the course of my day job. In addition to working with an exciting group of colleagues to brainstorm interesting topics and schedule events, I’m able to take ownership of the issue of my choice. AFF allows me to research and work in a policy space I would not typically get to enjoy, making it an incredibly stimulating and rewarding experience. I know it will serve me well throughout my career, and I’m incredibly grateful to AFF for the opportunity to contribute!

Lori Sanders Roundtable Committee Member