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Weekly Writers Round-Up: Leaving Afghanistan, a Back-Firing Vape Ban, and a New Approach to the Student Loan Crisis
By: Hallie Drew July 17, 2019

Each week, we’ll be featuring opinion pieces from the alumni and current participants of AFF’s Writing Fellows Program. A few highlights from the past week are below. For more information...

How to Survive and Find Your Policy Niche in DC
By: John Dale Grover July 16, 2019

Don’t give up! It took me four years to really break into my preferred policy field, but that doesn’t have to be the case for everyone. It is possible to...

How to Look for an Apartment in a New City
By: Kristine Goffos July 15, 2019

Whether you’ve just graduated and are looking for a place in your new town, you’re relocating for work, or you just want a change of scenery, apartment hunting in a...

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