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College Is No Longer Affordable
By: Anthony Miragliotta February 22, 2024

College is a very exciting time in one’s life. It is a fresh start in a new place with newfound freedoms. However, college has gotten more and more expensive every...

How a Chinese Spy App used the Super Bowl to Undermine America
By: Caleb Larson February 21, 2024

Americans love Super Bowl commercials. Every year, it seems as many people tune into their televisions for these marketing ploys as do the actual football fans for the game. This...

‘Wicked’ and the Rise of the Villain Protagonist
By: John Tuttle February 20, 2024

On Super Bowl Sunday, we saw a trailer for the Broadway hit-turned movie, Wicked. The first installment of what’s supposed to be a two-part movie saga in a vein of...



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